Fundraising to Support Syrian Camps

Even after the holiday season, winter is a time when families are often together in a warm, cozy place, comfortable and secure. Outside of Canada, however, there are many who at this very moment lack the most basic necessities of life. We here at CESI are launching a fundraiser to help these families, and to bring some of our warmth and comfort to them, delivered by Syrians who are working on the ground daily through the freezing storms of a frigid winter. In addition to online donations, we will be hosting an event on the 2nd of March 2019 to support this humanitarian crisis, featuring live music and a night of food and entertainment.

For more details about the event please visit our facebook event page here!

The CESI will also be hosting a silent auction on Saturday. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Molham Team to support refugee camps. We will be auctioning off some beautiful drawings from children in these camps! Cash donations will be accepted on the day. 

You can also share your warmth by donating to this cause, via the trusted Molham Team through the link below:

يرجى الانضمام إلينا ونحن نجتمع لتناول الطعام السورية والموسيقى يوم السبت٢ مارس من الساعة ٢ الي ٤ . يرجى التبرع لقضيتنا مع فريق ملهم من خلال هذا اللينك

Please join us, and share your warmth by donating to this cause, via the trusted Molham Team.

Donate here!