Cultural events

Language & culture are intertwined and go together, hand in handand as such, we believe that meaningful exchanges extend beyond the scope of language training.

That’s why we organize cultural awareness events on a regular basis: to enable newcomers to share Canadian cultural experiences alongside our volunteers. These field trips and activities have ranged from indigenous eco-tours, to regional landmarks, theatre performances, and museum tours at both the Aga Khan and the ROM.


And in the spirit of exchange, we also organize cultural events to introduce the community at UofT to Arab customs and traditions. From the beloved dabké dance to Syrian food, our newcomers have been always proud & happy to showcase their culture to our Canadian volunteers.  


You can read more about some of these events in the press coverage and see some of our best pictures here on this page!


Humber River Indigenous tour

On Saturday September 30th, 2018 we had a unique learning and spiritual experience on the Humber River Indigenous tour (Toronto Aboriginal Eco Tour). Many thanks (Chi Miigwetch) to Alan Colley, the founder of TAET, for the amazing tour and delicious smoked salmon. Also a special thank to Bonnie McElhinny, New College Principal, for organizing this tour for our group and sponsoring it!